10 quick prophetic counsels from the Lord

The Lord quickened my spirit to share 10 things as His counsel for believers in Christ. If not all the points, a few of these will be relevant to you in this current season of your life.

1. Refuse to overthink. Resolve that you will not allow worry to steal your today. Trust God in everything. Invite Him into all your issues, and don’t lean on your own understanding. Take one day at a time.

2. Practice mental minimalism, which is a great way to help yourself focus on what matters. Increase your exposure to the Word of God. Cut down your exposure to worldly news, gossip, and entertainment.  Be aware that the Spirit of the world is at work to condition your mind in a particular direction.

3. Learn something new. Pick up a new hobby or hone your current skills. Don’t give in to the randomness of things. Choose intentionally and wisely on what deserves your time and attention.

4. Pray proactively in tongues as a spiritual discipline, maybe at least 30 minutes a day. Don’t wait until you pass away and find out in heaven why the devil didn’t want you to have and use this gift often. I recommend listening to a message titled “Benefits of Praying in Tongues” by Joseph Prince on YouTube.

5. Dream of a new adventure. Don’t limit God because of your unbelief and lack of desire. Don’t settle for less. It’s never too late.

6. Take actionable steps of faith rather than wait around. Own your assignment by discerning your passion. It’s high time to have clarity of vision and get going. God is waiting patiently on you.

Come into divine alignment and position yourself to be at the right place at the right time. Resources and provision will fall in place to those who step out and move, not to those who sit and wait. Discern when you need to wait and when you need to act.

7. Overconsumption of Christian content is not healthy. Just because it’s out there does not mean you need to listen to most of them. Much knowledge is burdensome and weary to the soul. And most of it is also irrelevant to your purpose. It just adds to the clutter in your mind.

Narrow down who you listen to spiritually and try to be more selective about the messages you come across. There are a lot of clickbait messages that are not sanctioned by the Lord and are put out purely with a commercial motive.

8. Hear the voice of the Lord for yourself. Don’t over-depend or rely solely on prophetic encouragement from others. You need a timely word but God does not want you to always depend on a middleman.

He wants to communicate with you directly. Also, what works for others may not work for you. Get your custom strategy from the Lord. The prophetic words you come across can confirm what you are already picking up in the spirit. Understand and process what the Holy Spirit is saying, and start executing what He is showing.

Practice regular conversations with the Lord. He speaks gently to your spirit in a still small voice. Pray diligently for the Lord to fill you with a Spirit of wisdom and revelation, that the eyes of your understanding will be enlightened.

9. Take your eyes off yourself and be lost in Jesus, His perfect love, and His mission for you. Get over your past. Get out of a victim mindset.

10. Do covert operations in the Spirit with the Lord. God wants to train you on how to rule and reign in the Spirit. Rather than accepting a narrative, He wants you to partner with Him and shift things.

God will highlight certain things to you. It could be certain family, national, or international issues. Discern God’s intent on those issues. Intercede in the secret. Decree with authority. And you will see results.

Tell no one about it. Don’t boast about it. The joy is in secretly working with the Lord to create history for heaven.

Well, that’s a wrap. I hope these points made sense to you. Discern what the Spirit of the Lord is trying to say and follow through with it.