Are you ready?

When I was in school, I heard a speaker at a youth conference say, “Some of you will drive a BMW car and some of you will die in the mission field. Are you ready to surrender to the will of God?”.

He painted an extreme scenario to appeal to the young people that whatever God has for them, obey and surrender to it unconditionally. If we die to our will, others will benefit.

He was also indicating we shouldn’t get offended but remain faithful in the path of life that God has designed for each of us.

He may give richly all things to enjoy or just sufficiently. For some, following God’s path may lead to much suffering and challenges.

But we all have to fight the fight of faith in some way or the other. What’s important is obedience.

We may not have a BMW car. We may not die as a martyr. The question is, are we laying down our will to do God’s will?

God will not force us to do life with Him. It’s up to us how much we want to engage with Him in our lives or keep Him away.

God does not violate our free will. He respects it.

A heart of obedience comes when we fully trust God. We can choose to yield and be led by Him or choose our own path if we want to be in control.

If we have chosen to do life independent of God, then let’s not blame Him for the choices we make outside His will.

We can enjoy many things and have fun. But we also have a responsibility to steward our lives to fulfil God’s calling.

We will make mistakes but we can learn from them. We can get better at discerning God’s counsel and His voice.

As we go through various seasons in our lives we may not always connect the dots. But in all the changing variables of life that God leads us into, He has an eternal purpose.

After hearing the full message that day, I made a decision.

I said, “God, I will do Your will. Let me know what to do. I will follow the path You have for me. Let Your presence and anointing be with me. I am ready.”

I truly meant those words.

What about you? Are you ready?