Ask God to reveal your weak spot

In 2020, I saw a dream where believers were standing in a line and were holding a white sheet of paper. Then one by one they flipped the white paper. Each of them had one word written on the paper.

The word differed from person to person. It was something to focus on in their lives. When I flipped mine, the word that was written was ‘Impatience’.

A pretty straightforward dream from God. But I did not consider it as a weakness or something that I needed to pay attention to. God was revealing that this is the root cause of some of the things I’m having trouble with.

The devil can exploit our weak spot if we don’t walk in the Spirit. Patience is one of the fruits of the Spirit. We need to practice patience in relationships. But we also need the twin force of faith and patience, to overcome worry, and inherit the promises of God.

Ask God to reveal that one thing that you need to take care of, which could be the root cause of some of the issues you struggle with.