Be the flavor God created you to be

Do you often feel limited and pressured to conform to the likeness and gifting of others? Do you often compare yourself with anyone around?

The will of God is that we conform to the image of Christ in our character and conduct. In the letter to the Galatian church, Paul wrote that he is ‘travailing in birth’ until Christ is formed in them. To the Corinthians, he wrote: ‘Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ’.

While we’re all expected to grow and mature to be more like Jesus, God has intentionally wired our calling, gifting, and personality to be diverse. This diversity in personality and creative expression is a gift.

The Bible says that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

When we’re being led by the Spirit or when others lead us by the Spirit, we will have freedom, grace, and space to grow and find joy in fulfilling our calling.

But when led by selfish agendas, we push others to our likeness, burdening them and frustrating them with yokes of expectation that God never intended. No wonder many are not fulfilled in this way.

Conformity stifles creativity. We need to celebrate diversity. Let’s provide people with the freedom, space, and support they deserve so they can be the flavor that will bless the world.

Rather than becoming a carbon copy of somebody else or wishing you had this or that, be comfortable with your own wiring, the way God created you to be.

Learn from others, but never at the cost of being yourself.

Play to your strengths and find joy in expressing your flavor. What you may think is an imperfection or a disadvantage could be in fact what others need.

King Saul gave his suit of armor to David to take out Goliath. But David felt uncomfortable wearing it. So he removed it and went ahead with his slingshot strategy and got the job done.

Like David, let’s trust our unique wiring and expression to accomplish God’s assignments for our life.