Journey to a beautiful mind

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Away from a world distracted
I thought I could find
But lately, I have gone blind

Broken to grow, I take the blow
Lying here, tired, feeling low
O God, time moves so slow

Unsatisfied, discontent
This wanting of more
My soul is at war

Insecure, afraid, trying to fit in
Hurt, ignored
Posing, posting
To be heard, to be adored
Wanting to prove
Crushed, but still on the move

Somewhere in a far galaxy
On a lonely star
I saw your hand crowning
a dying flower of a beautiful scar

O God, if I could only trust
That you’re everything I need
I could fight fear, greed
and every lust

Stuck in this sin city
With you, I reimagine reality
I tread the ancient paths
The road to innocence
The origin of pleasure
The glory of simplicity
The beauty of purity

O God, how long this flight
Keep going, you say
By faith not by sight
The world fades away
But the unseen not
My footsteps will be your pathway
Life’s a vapor, fight well today

O God, if I could walk with you
on the shores of this sea
If I could see what you see
I could escape gravity