COVID-19 or not, God said this

1. Don’t take the bait

In Oct 2019, God showed me in a dream that something is coming and the church is going to plunge into the waters. Many believers will find themselves drowning in fear, doubt, and unbelief. But if they could see differently, they could swim and reach the shore.

God showed me another dream where we believers were going to a dark place to do something and suddenly the lions attacked us. We were perplexed as we couldn’t see from where the attack could come from.

We waited all night and made sharp weapons to fight. We were hiding and waiting for the lions to show up. As we were waiting, I said, “Why the heck did we come to this dark place in the first place?”.

I thought to myself, “We could have stayed in the light or gone to a better place. This has become an unnecessary war. We have taken the bait.”

What is God trying to say?

As sad and bad as it all seems, if we hear and see the facts in the natural, our minds can quickly drift to a dark place. We will fight an unnecessary battle that will wear us down. But if we stay in the light of His Word and hear His voice, we will remain calm and our peace would be like a river.

2. Don’t fight the shaking

But you might say, “Sachin, with all that is going around us, if this isn’t a war by the hordes of hell on us, then what is it?”.

I think it’s a shaking and a shaking allowed by God’s Grace. It’s a shaking to reset, realign, displace, build, and put things in place that our limited finite minds cannot see, make sense or comprehend.

We can’t fight this shaking. God did not cause the virus, but He will accomplish His purpose, amid the stealing, killing, and destruction caused by the devil.

Things may not go as we expect. It may get messy. But if we embrace and rest in His Grace, this shaking will position us exactly where He wants us to be. God will not abandon us.

3. Follow where His Grace leads

In March 2020, God said to me, “What is that one thing you will regret not doing, COVID-19 or not? If you have a race to run for, keep running. Put your head down, stay calm, and follow My lead.”

I was thinking of leaving my company and moving back to freelancing. I felt I needed to make some time and space for other things.

When I asked God if I should leave, He said to stick with my company. I sensed God’s timing is not now. He then gently gave clarity about my work, church, gifting, calling, and a few things about the future. He shed light on how I am wired, the way He wants to position my life and the flavor He created me to be.

He said He is not measuring me by my performance, so there is no need to strive. He said to discern and stay in His flow of Grace and not be burdened with the expectations of others.

He said things that I find joy in doing, that’s my calling, that’s His Grace on my life. I don’t have to be or do anything else.

In addition to those things, God told me one new thing that I and my wife have never done but always thought of doing.

He said, “You could do better with your money. You have compassion for a few things in your heart, but months and years will fly by and you will regret not doing something about it. What’s holding you back, what are you afraid of?”.

So we signed up at to support a couple of causes that touched our hearts. God loves seeing us enjoy His blessings. It touches His heart when we share even a little of what we can with the less fortunate. Something happens in our hearts when we give away rather than hold back.

So why am I sharing all these? 

COVID-19 or not, we can live with a sense of movement and purpose. When we rest in His Grace and hear His voice, our fears and confusion disappear. He gently instructs us in the way we should go. He gives clarity to discern the path of life uniquely designed for us.

We can live with a sense of fulfilment and a knowing that we’re running our race even in the midst of the shaking.

Grace is a person. His name is Jesus. He is our secret place of provision, protection, wisdom, and favor. He earned it all for us.

All we need for life and Godliness is provided. Everything is rigged in our favor, even in the temporary setbacks. God will always come through for us.

The more Grace conscious we become, the more rested we feel and the more clearly we see.

When we follow Holy Spirit’s leading, we cannot fail. We will keep moving forward. There will be no regrets as we review our lives. We will accomplish God’s purposes. We will be at the right place at the right time doing the right thing, COVID-19 or not.

Tell me, what else should I have done?
Doesn’t everything die at last, and too soon?
Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

— Mary Oliver, The Summer Day