Define your purpose in one sentence

Recently, someone asked me ‘Do you know your purpose?’. Without a pause, I replied ‘Yes’ and said what burns in my heart, and how I have been executing it for so many years.

A sense of purpose is what creates any adventure. It can dispel boredom, giving you something to look forward to. Having a sense of purpose will keep you engaged and help you feel alive.

The execution methods and practicalities can vary. Seasons may change and so do variables in life, but purpose fuels all creative endeavors.

Our purpose must be rooted in truth. If there’s an eternal significance attached to our goal, it’s a double gain. Purpose can be anything done to the glory of God.

Do you have a purpose that wakes you up in the morning and keeps you going? Do you have a purpose burning in your heart?

If yes, define it clearly in one sentence. Then take another sentence to say how you’re practically executing it. Having clarity in purpose will help you to stay focussed and take actionable steps.

Author and speaker John C. Maxwell says, “When you have purpose on your journey, you will climb the hill.”

A person with a clear purpose will always find ways to make progress. They refuse to stop and sit idle.