Don’t touch the battle. Just rest.

We have an unseen enemy. His goal is to make us doubt God’s word. He wants us to overreact to situations. He wants us to believe that we are to engage with him in battle, like go toe to toe, hand to hand, in a fist-fight. In doing so, we become more conscious of him and of the fight itself.

But, the battle belongs to the Lord. Do not touch the battle. Our fight is the fight of faith. We fight by resting in God’s Word.

We all wrestle against thoughts that produce fear or worry. But God wants our hearts to be established by Grace, no matter what we hear or what our circumstances may look like.

Grace is God’s constant favor towards us, which does not depend on our performance. God did not spare His own Son for us. We don’t need to earn His attention, provision, protection, favor, or strive to make things happen.

Giants are crushed by resting

If Jesus said don’t worry, and if we obey him, sitting and resting like a peaceful, care-free child, it frustrates the devil. He will flee from us. Because we’re not paying attention to his thoughts. We have taken God’s word at face value. We have become Grace conscious.

What giants are you facing now? Is it doubt, fear, worry? Giants are crushed by resting. We are seated with Jesus far above all principalities, powers, and dominion. He is the Prince of peace who crushes Satan and his lies under our feet. When we rest in Him, He will make a way in every challenge we face.

And rest does not mean inactivity, it is Spirit-led activity. The new covenant is a new way of living. We don’t live by Dos and Don’ts.

Let’s tune into Holy Spirit’s voice and he will lead us. He knows us in and out and will cause us to walk in freedom. It will be productive, fulfilling, life-giving, and will benefit us and others as well.

Let’s talk to Jesus:
Jesus, thank you, your grace is sufficient for me. Help me to remember your Words when the going gets tough and when the enemy lies. Your promises are yes and amen for me. Your grace has given me everything I need for life and godliness. No matter what the situation looks like, I rest in Your Words. You are my confidence, my quietness, my secret place, my strong refuge. Whichever way life swings, I still trust you. Love you.