Dream: Bob Jones, get the secrets

A few months back I saw a dream where I’m standing on a stage with some people. I was preaching. Then we began to praise and worship. As people were singing, I too started singing, but a woman signaled me not to sing as it wasn’t sounding good.

That woman looked like she was the organizer. Then prophet Bob Jones entered this place. I said, “This is why Bob Jones has come”. It seemed that he came because it was time for something.

I looked up and saw a man and a woman jumping in the air and praising God. They jumped and landed in the air as if it was a floor. Then I saw something falling from the sky. I felt if I don’t move away it will fall on me. So we all made space. It was a laptop that fell from the sky.

Everyone was watching it as it fell in the center and people were standing around it. Before anyone could pick it up, I quickly ran and took the laptop as it had secrets and I said, “This is mine”.

I think the dream is about something new that God is doing in this new era and the secrets could be insights for our ministry. God is giving blueprints, ideas, and assignments to people which is unique to their gifting and calling. Discover and flow in the unique flavor assigned to you.