Dream: Trump, China retaliation attack

I had two dreams about Trump, one before the election, and one after the election. In the first dream I saw a pastor crying and as he points at Trump he says, “He is a fighter”.

And after the elections I had a second dream. I saw Trump was in a room with believers. They were all waiting and watching.

I saw a washing machine that was transparent and open at the top. I saw few clothes inside the washing machine. I thought I should cover the top. I put a nice lid over it and was trying to show Trump that I am an expert in doing this.

Then it was time for Trump and his team to leave. He told me to pray. I prayed for the voter fraud to be exposed. I then laid my hands on Trump’s shoulders and prayed for him.


The first dream is praying for Trump as he fights for America.

In the second dream, I think the transparent washing machine has to do with exposure and cleansing. It seems they have been put on hold in a waiting room and God is doing some cleansing.

The washing machine was open and there were few clothes inside. I’m not yet sure what that implies and what covering the top means.

Chinese regime using an advanced weapon

I saw another dream when tensions between India and Chinese soldiers along the border was reported in the news.

In the dream I was at my old house in New Delhi. India did something as a response to what the Chinese regime did. As we were watching the news on TV, we’re wondering if the Chinese regime would retaliate.

I then went to the balcony and looked up. It was a cloudy day. It seemed it would rain. I then saw a sci-fi kind of aircraft appear secretly in the sky and it released a weapon in mid-air.

I saw the houses next to me turning into ashes or defragmenting. I then looked at the aircraft, rebuked it, commanding it to stop in Jesus’ name.

I don’t want to start a conspiracy theory. But I wonder if this was a warning dream that the Chinese regime could use a bio-weapon or an EMP bomb against India in the future. If it’s not a bio-weapon or EMP, I think it could be something done secretly that affects India in some way or the other. Could it be environmental warfare using weather modification?

I think the house defragmenting in the dream is not something that would happen literally. I think it means normal lives of people getting affected or a breakdown of something.

Anyways, I prayed and decreed that if they’re intending to do something it won’t succeed.

Civilians of a country don’t want a war but people suffer because of ideologies and ambitions of a governing regime.

When God shows a dream like this it’s a call to pray. We only see in part and prophesy in part. When we share it with others they may think we’re crazy but that’s okay. If God is leading us to pray we should.

In heaven we will come to know that many conspiracy theories were indeed true. God was trying to give us intel so that we could stand in the gap and pray.