Dream: We have taken the bait

God gave this dream in 2020 when believers in Christ were focussing on COVID-19 news and the reports.

In the dream I saw that we believers were going somewhere to do something. We then turned to a dark place. As we were walking through the dark, the lions started attacking us. We were perplexed as we couldn’t see from where the attack could come from.

We managed to make some sharp weapons and waited for the lions to show up. We waited all night but there was no sign of the lions.

Then as we walked out of that place, I said, “Why the heck did we come to this dark place in the first place?”.

I thought to myself, “We could have stayed in the light or gone to a better place. This had become an unnecessary war. We have taken the bait.”

The Interpretation

When we give our attention to the facts and news of this world, our minds can quickly drift to a dark place.

We think we’re just listening to the news or seeing the facts to get information, but it starts affecting our faith and spiritual sight. We start focussing more on what the devil is doing.

The devil is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Fear, doubt, stress, and unbelief will give the devil a foothold to oppress us. And what we fear, can come upon us.

The Bible says that God keeps those in perfect peace whose mind stays on Him. When we abide in God’s word we stay in the light. That’s our place of rest.

Let the peace of God rule in your hearts.
— Colossians 3:15

When we allow the peace of God to rule our hearts instead of the COVID-19 news, reports or facts, the God of peace crushes COVID-19 fear under our feet. 

Psalm 91 promise of protection is in the secret place. Don’t doubt God ‘s word. When we abide in Christ, His Word, His thoughts, and His presence, we’re in the secret place of the Most High. Nothing can touch us there.

As He is, so are we in this world, far above COVID-19, seated with Him in the heavenly places. When deep darkness covers the earth, the Glory of God will rise over us. This is the time for His Glory to rise over us.

So don’t be tempted to pay much attention to what’s happening around you. Don’t meditate on the facts. Stay in the light by meditating on God’s word and engage in other things. Pursue a hobby, listen to anointed preachers, put on some worship music and worship the Lord.

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