Finding yourself and your purpose

Hanaya and Hiroto are at the beach.

As Hiroto hangs around at Shichirigahama beach, he happens to see Hanaya. As they talk, Hiroto opens up about the pressure he feels about his future. As Hanaya gives her perspective, she also challenges him to explore the big questions of life.

Bonus note:

Kevin Zadai shares a supernatural encounter with Jesus in 1992 when he had an out-of-body experience during a routine surgery:

When I met Jesus, He said I want to work with you. He said we are going to rule and reign together, shoulder-to-shoulder for Eternity. He said this life down here is to develop you for your next position. He said you’re qualifying down on the earth in this very short amount of time. Then at that point, He took His thumbnail and sliced down through a big long timeline that was in light. And He said that’s 10,000 years on the timeline of Eternity. It was just this little slit. He said it was the extension of man. And to me, my life on Earth in that extension with respect to Eternity seemed really insignificant.

However, He said you’re qualifying for your next position. So whatever you do down here, with your talents and everything you were given, whatever you did with that, was then placed in your account in heaven, not in a monetary way. But that’s where you entered into the Kingdom to work at your next position. And it was interesting because you would think well we’re all equal you know, we all get the same thing, we all get eternal life, we all have the same position in Christ and all that.

But what it is, it has to do with that parable of talents. It had to do with the fact that you were given a certain amount and then there was a congruent reward based on each individual on what they had done. But the wood, hay, and stubble were burned up. So what was not of the Spirit, what was not of the Lord, was burnt up. Paul said that some people will go through the fire and there’ll be nothing. There’ll be no rewards. There’ll be nothing left. But they will escape through the fire. They will make it to Heaven but with no rewards.