Hanaya: God of the endless blue sky

Hanaya is sitting next to a girl from Mongolia on the slope of a small hill

Hanaya is led by the Holy Spirit to be at the right place at the right time to meet Enkhtuya, a girl from a small town in Mongolia. Two minutes into the conversation, Hanaya introduces her to the God of the endless blue sky. She unpacks more truth when she discerns Enkhtuya is actively listening.

Mongolia is poetically called the ‘Land of the Endless Blue Sky’, as it has over 260 days of clear blue sky. Apart from Buddhism, Tengrism the worship of the sky and nature is still practiced in Mongolia today. According to this belief, the skies are the father, and the earth is the mother of all beings in the universe.

This clip was inspired by a dream I was given in the night by the Lord. There was a moment in the dream where I was teleported to a foreign land and found myself walking on a snow-covered road. It looked like someplace in an Eurasian country. A girl who seemed 17-19 years old walked a little ahead of me. She looked sad. I moved closer and started talking to her. I told her just two or three things about God and His love. As she listened I could see that she was being deeply moved. She had never heard about God like this.

As I was about to go on my way, she said, “Why don’t you come to my place for some tea?”. She then gazed at the blue skies and said, “It’s a beautiful day!”. The blueness of the skies was quite amazing. I sensed she wanted to hear more about God. So I said okay.

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