Jesus: Hanaya, how far will you go?

Hanaya is in her school uniform and coming down some steps. She is at Yokohama Osanbashi.

Listen to Jesus preparing Hanaya’s heart for selfless missions in an attention-wanting self-seeking world. He is calling the next generation to pay the price to complete the mission of taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

This clip was inspired by the title of the book ‘Live to be Forgotten’ by Patrick Fung (Former GD, OMF International). I haven’t read the book but the phrase ‘Live to be Forgotten’ hits you hard in a time where there is so much love of self, even among the believers in Christ.

Will we go where He wants us to go?

My concern is that scripture has told us clearly that we are all to be going, and the reason the Lord left us behind is to do the job He told us to do. So we’d better get equipped to do it, instead of living this life as if this life is it. It’s not, this is a very short life. And eternal life is forever. We’re going to feel stupid for eternity if we wasted this one.
— Jackie Pullinger

Even though in the very last days of history, the love of many will grow cold, there will be a people who have white-hot, not cold, love for Jesus in the face of hatred, persecution, and killing. The Great Commission will be completed by them. The price will be very high. Not so high that it is not worth it. It will not happen without the price of opposition and suffering. In fact, the price is not just the result but the strategy of the purpose.
— John Piper