Yuri: I don’t believe in the religion of atheism

Yuri is at the beach

On a school trip, Yuri and her classmate Akio get into a discussion about God. Akio dismisses God’s existence. But Yuri challenges his belief in evolution by shooting a web of critical thinking questions and reasonable logic at him. Akio is undone. He then raises the question of Hell being unfair.

Curious about the conversation? Listen to how Yuri responds.

I am a speck on a speck, orbiting a speck, in the middle of specklessness. I am insignificant, I stink.
— Bill Nye

The world says you’re just a stardust matter in motion. And if you’re merely matter, well then, you do not ultimately matter.
— Greg Koukl

If Evolution is true, then that means, you are merely a molecule in motion dancing to your own DNA. That all you are is matter. There is nothing spiritual about you. You have no soul. There is no objective right or wrong.
— Mark Spence

Atheists have an active belief system with views concerning origins (that the universe and life arose by natural processes); no life after death; the existence of God; how to behave while alive; and so much more. Honest atheists will admit their worldview is a faith. Atheism is a religion! While atheism is a blind faith, its followers will still cry out, “We are not part of a religion!” Why do they plead this? First, if atheism were identified as a religion, atheists fear that their views might get kicked out of public places, like government-run schools. Second, these secularists will be less likely to be able to deceive children into thinking that their teachings (supposedly “neutral”) are not in conflict with the religious beliefs of students.
— Ken Ham