Lord, she belongs to You

Little Hanaya is playing with a cat

A flashback of a diary entry written by Hanaya’s mother as a young single mom. She pens down a prayer for her little Hanaya and commits herself to raising her as the Lord’s girl.

What prayer would you pray for your precious little one and their future?

There is no greater gift that you can give your children than to walk alongside them and help them develop their relationship with Jesus. It is the most important relationship they will ever have. If you unconditionally surrender your children to the Lord and diligently do your part, God will lead them for His glory.

We don’t train ourselves so we don’t train our children. Everything you believe in has to be practical and applicable for your children. That means you yourself need to be fully convinced. Teach them how to engage with the Lord. For your kids, you should always present the supernatural to them. You should always give them the alternative to ask God for help first. Teach them to pray first. Teach them to believe God’s Word first and encourage them not to wait for someone else to do it for them.
– Kevin Zadai

Raise your kids as lovers and warriors of the Lord who go on to finish the purposes of God in their generation.