Hanaya: Make the darkness nervous

Hanaya is in Mongolia in a forest and there's a werewolf behind her. She is holding a gun and carrying katana sword.

Jesus sends Hanaya to Mongolia to carry out a mission. The darkness tries to intimidate her, but she doesn’t back off.

This clip was inspired by a dream that my wife had in the night some time ago. In the dream, my wife and I were walking down a road minding our own business. We saw demonic forces releasing darkness over a place. We stopped and thought we must do something about it. We moved in the direction of the darkness. My wife rebuked the demonic forces. They started feeling uncomfortable and afraid. Then she heard a voice from behind saying, “You’re the Children of the Light”.

It’s pretty clear what the Lord was showing through this dream. If we never go, we will never know. If we don’t show up and do something, the darkness remains unchallenged. There’s no resistance. The enemy keeps stealing, killing, and destroying.

The light of the Gospel is to be lit in the dark. The enemy convinces us that it’s too dark and too late to make a difference. He makes us overthink and doubt. So we hesitate to show up and do something.

Instead of counting the bullets that are coming at you, count how many you’ve expelled out of your clip. It’s not how many are fired at you, it’s how many you have fired.
Kevin Zadai

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty in God. Jesus showed up and made the darkness nervous. He destroyed the works of the devil. When we show up, God shows up. Boldness and endurance come when you know that the Lord has sent you. You didn’t go because it was a good idea. You heard Him.

Show up with your natural and spiritual gifting, maybe practical Kingdom solutions to problems, and seize the opportunities to share the Gospel. When you speak His Word, He backs it up, releasing hope, healing, deliverance, signs, and wonders. The yoke of darkness, fear, and hopelessness over people begins to break.

It’s the smallest spark that can light the dark.
Newsboys | That’s How You Change The World

I don’t want to be a firecracker. I want to be an atomic bomb dropped in the devil’s camp.
John Ramirez