Hanaya & Yuri: Running into the wind

Hanaya and Yuri are running on Kamakura road

Continuing their conversation, on their way back home from Shichirigahama beach, Hanaya and Yuri decide to trust God with childlike faith instead of overthinking the future. When God calls us to go in a certain direction, it can be exciting but also a little scary because we may only have the first step. But like Abraham, it’s better to go even when we don’t know where we’re going.

If you’re too cautious, doubting yourself, and overthinking the future, this message and the song are for you.

Better to do something imperfectly in obedience rather than to do nothing. Better to act today rather than wait for that imaginary tomorrow to arrive.
— Michael L. Brown

The unique ways God loves to move should not disturb us. If anything, it should keep our relationship with Him fresh and exciting. For those who love adventure, this is great, while to the timid and rigid, this is frightening, which brings us to this challenge every believer must face— will we live by faith in Him or by fear? Now, the faith and confidence needed to be decisive can easily drift into presumption at times. Still, it is better to err on the side of extreme faith than too little faith. God can correct presumption and premature action. The law of inertia states you cannot steer what is not moving. It is much easier for the Lord to steer us when we are moving. No one passes God’s tests with a perfect score, but in Him, even our failures work for our good.
— Rick Joyner

Song lyrics:

They were young and unaware
A little scared, a little proud
They’d rather live with their questions
Than try to figure them out

They were friendly to all
But never had many friends
They didn’t know where to go
They never made any plans
Just running right into the wind

Ooh they would rather say they didn’t matter
Just so they don’t have to try to be cool
But ooh they were buzzing, living like there wasn’t
Drama going on every day in the news

But look at the way they go
Look at the way they go
Look at the way they go
Making it up as they go
Making it up as they go
Living their life on the run
Couple of kids on the run
Look at the way they go
Look at the way they go