Hanaya: Stranger on earth

Hanaya is in Tokyo, standing on a pedestrian bridge and pondering.

We live in a time of illusion.

There are so many things trying to distract our affection. Many of the things that compete for our attention are not necessarily bad, but can still dilute our affection for Jesus and take away from our purpose. Never forget that we’re strangers and pilgrims. What we are looking for is not here. It’s not about us. We’re alive to represent Jesus and bring Him glory. The journey isn’t an easy one. It requires perseverance and patience.

As Hanaya spends a few days in the big city of Tokyo, experiencing many of its attractions, she reflects on her calling, the journey, the process, and the longing.

If you love Jesus, you’ll feel this poetry. This could be your story. The story of those who want Him, not just need Him. And it’s this longing that keeps us awake, keeps us going and diligent to finish the work He has for us on this side. As you listen to this short poetry may it rekindle what you may have lost.