God said to leave my girlfriend

It was midnight. My family was fast asleep. As I stood in the balcony of my home gazing at the moonlit sky, I said, “God, I think I have made a mistake. I cannot pull myself away from this. I need your help.”

Many years back before I met my wife Lilian, I met someone else. She wasn’t a follower of Jesus. She didn’t have a passion for God the way I had. But we started liking each other. 

I felt something wan’t quite right about this relationship. I sensed if I continue on this path, it will be a mistake. But I was committed, I thought I cannot back off now and let her down.

My relationship with God wasn’t good at that time. I was doing things that I wasn’t proud of. But I had a hunger for Him. I was aware that He was always watching me.

So I prayed that night and after two weeks God intervenes.

God sends a prophetess

A lady from Jaipur who moved in the prophetic gifting called up my family and said, “I have just arrived in Delhi and I’m standing at the bus stop. I’m not sure why God sent me here. Can I come and stay at your home?”.

She arrived at our place and during a time of prayer with my family, God revealed to her about my relationship with that girl. My parents never knew about it, I had kept it hidden.

I was shocked. I didn’t see this coming. My parents were furious. They were already upset with me over other issues. And they knew who the girl was.

The prophetess said, “She is not the one God has for you. Your path and her path are complete opposites. It’s never going to be one. You think it’s going to work, but it won’t.”

She continued, “If you leave her now, it will hurt a bit but it will be a small scar on your soul. It will fade away with time. But if you go further with this relationship, you will regret it. There will be consequences. God will forgive you but you may have to carry that scar for the rest of your life.”

Then she said, “Can’t you leave her for Jesus?”.

I knew this was a God moment. It can’t get clearer than this. God is giving a warning. I will be a fool to ignore it. He has a purpose for my life but I was heading in the wrong direction.

The next day, I told my girlfriend that we cannot continue this relationship. She was deeply hurt. But this had to be done for the good of both of us.

I cut off all communication with her. I didn’t want to be emotionally pulled back in. She tried to reach me through my friends but I told my friends to try to make her understand.

God, why did you tell me to leave her?

During that time, I started pondering why God told me to leave her.

Is it because He loves me so much that He wanted to protect me? He went to the extent of sending a prophetess from another city. He supernaturally revealed to her what I was doing in secret.

It wasn’t to embarrass me in front of my family but to wake me up. He truly cared and was answering the prayer I said that night.

As I pondered on this, I fell deeper in love with God. I began trusting Him more. I realized that God is not a sadist. When He says “No” to something, He’s saying “Yes” to something better.

He knows the future and how things will play out. He wants to protect both of us from the pain.

It was a bittersweet season in my life. I broke my girlfriend’s heart. But I fell more in love with God. Eventually, she moved on. And my life got rerouted.

My friends were amazed at my sudden transformation. I had not only left that girl but I let go of some other things too. I’m glad I obeyed God’s counsel. It was a crucial turning point in my life.

I also made a decision. I said, “God I trust you. I know you love me and want to do good to me. I will wait for the girl you have kept for me, no matter how long it takes. Just let me know for sure when I meet her.”

Your girl is not in India

Interestingly that prophetess also mentioned that the girl God has for me is not in India, she is abroad.

After a year, a girl from Australia comes and stays at our place.

I started thinking could this be the girl God has kept for me. But I was waiting for God to confirm. I had decided not to make any moves without hearing from God first. It would save me a lot of emotional energies and heartbreak.

Then I saw a dream. In the dream, I told one of my friends that she isn’t the one. But I just didn’t go by the dream, I also felt it in my heart.

That girl from Australia asked me whether I wanted to attend a youth camp with her. I wanted to go because of her but I said no. If there’s no future, I wanted to keep my emotions and feelings in check.

After a few weeks, she went back to Australia.

What about the prophecy?

I met my wife Lilian at a church in Delhi. She’s an Indian. She never went abroad. I’m truly blessed to have her. I love her. She’s funny.

I feel I’m a beneficiary of her goodness. We both are super hungry for God. We have similar tastes in many things. We love listening to the same spiritual content, we love praying together, we love seeking God diligently.

Over the years we’ve grown in God and character. He is still working in us. We are heading in the same direction in the purposes of God. We’re hungry to have what God has for us. We want more of Him. We’re always moving forward. 

Looking back at the prophecy, I guess that prophetess must have seen faces of foreigners in her vision. At this church, where I met Lilian, there were people from different parts of the world. 

So the prophetess interpreted it the way she did.

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