Got Rs.50,000 back for my friend

I asked my friend, “Are you sure? Did you pray? What do you think God is saying about this?”.

He said, “Yeah, I feel I should do this. I have peace about it.”

My friend was thinking about investing in some land or property in Jaipur. An amount of Rs.50,000 INR was to be paid to get started. He went ahead and made the payment.

After a few months, he called me up and said that the project didn’t work out and the money is gone. He said he tried to talk to the concerned person but probably there’s no way to get it back.

I thought to myself, “But buddy, you said you had peace about this investment, you prayed about it.”

But I guess he didn’t hear God’s counsel on this. It was just his feeling. He did not discern correctly. He made a hasty decision.

I felt sad about his loss. He didn’t have enough savings. He had recently cleared some long pending credit card bills.

As I was thinking about this situation, I had a strong feeling to not let this amount of Rs.50,000 go just like that. I felt God saying that it can come back.

So I and my wife started praying and decreeing, commanding the money to come back to my friend. We did this for many months. We believed that God will orchestrate things behind the scenes to make this happen.

My friend wasn’t aware that we were praying about this. He had already given up. But we partnered with what God was saying about the situation.

After one year, my friend called up and said he got the money back and he gave it to his relatives staying in Jaipur. He blessed them and told them to keep it.

To this date, my friend does not know how we partnered with God and prayed without giving up. God fixed it.

Isn’t it amazing when God gives an intel like that? It’s like He tips you off on things of life. When you perceive correctly what God is saying and pursue it by faith, you see results.

Don’t jump into things hastily

Sometimes we go through unnecessary trials in life. They are either the result of not waiting for God’s counsel or the result of neglecting His counsel. We jump into things hastily or we disregard His still small voice. Our emotions get the better of us. It can cost us time, money, and relationships.

God can still work out something good. He can still restore things and redeem the time we lost. His mercy is so rich that it can defy the principle of sowing and reaping. But that may not be the case always.

We may have to live with the consequence of our choices even though He forgives us and encourages us to move forward.

We don’t always have to learn from the school of hard knocks. Learn to wait on the Lord patiently, wait for His counsel. Also, your mistakes could be much-needed wisdom for others, so don’t hesitate to share them.