Japan, South Korea, Australia and you

The following are some of the prophetic sensations I’m picking up in my spirit. I believe this is the intent of the Lord and a message to some people.

We see in part and prophecy in part. Let’s believe and partner with the Lord in prayer, faith and prophetic decrees.

For Nations

I think a new and fresh wind of God’s Spirit is going to blow in many Southeast Asian and East Asian countries as well as in Australia and New Zealand. There is going to be a big harvest of souls in this decade in these countries. Pray and decree over these nations.

Pray for the youth in South Korea. There’s going to be a fresh fire and passion burning in the hearts of youth. They will start proclaiming the Gospel, sharing Jesus with others with fresh awe, wonder, and worship of the Lord.

Pray for Japan, pray for the Son of God, Jesus, to rise over Japan. I think God wants to do something special in Japan. He is watching, it’s time. Pray that the light of the Gospel will shine and people will begin to see Jesus. Let His light invade the darkness, and let the oppression of the devil be broken. Let the captives be set free in Jesus’ name.

For Individuals

God is waiting on some of you to make the move that you have been delaying. It’s time to act. You need to co-operate with God. Faith is taking the first step without God showing the second step.

Forget the old. Don’t look back, look forward to new adventures with God. Don’t settle for less. Don’t limit God by your unbelief. Be bold in faith. Do not doubt. Make up your mind, be fully convinced.

Ask, seek, knock. Don’t be passive.

Breakaway from the yokes and burdens that some have put on you. Fear of man is a snare. There’s freedom and rest outside. Come away. The past season is over. Don’t overextend your stay.

Come to the end of yourself. Take your eyes off yourself. Look to Jesus, to His supply of perfect righteousness. He is all that you need for life and godliness. Return to the simplicity that is in Christ.

Get over self-pity, victim mentality and rejection. Be conscious of God’s perfect love for you. Bask in it, enjoy it. No one loves you like He does.