In the total darkness,
poetry is still there,
and it is there for you.

— Abbas Kiarostami

  • Poetry

Beautiful Distraction

Unless we get lost in a beautiful distraction, we’ll always look within or around and get depressed. We were made to look up.
  • Poetry

Twists and Turns

We can either choose to be affected and beaten by the unexpected twists and turns of life or become more and more defiant to press on.
  • Poetry

Street of dreams

What is that we really want? Isn't it that we constantly long to arrive at a sweet spot in life? And when we finally arrive, we are onto the next.
  • Poetry

Here comes Grace

In a performance-driven world, finally, there’s someone who loves and blesses us unconditionally. At last, we can breathe and rest in life.
  • Poetry

I saw resilience

The voices whispered, “Who do you think you are, you don’t have what it takes, you’re just a dreamer. How far will you go?"
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