Stop procrastinating, forget motivation: Just do it
By Sachin Posted in The Disciplined Life on Apr 09 2 min read
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A little effort or slow progress is better than nothing.

If we’re waiting for the right feeling, for the right time, for the right people or the right environment to get started, we might as well as wait forever.

It could be a language that you want to learn or a course you want to pursue. It could be a fitness routine that you want to follow or a relationship that you want to improve. The truth is that there are things well within our control. The choice is ours to make and we are solely responsible for its execution.

Is there something in you lying dormant, waiting to be drawn out? It won’t happen overnight. We need to be intentional and strategic. It’s time to make a game plan and start executing. Stop procrastinating, enough of the excuses. Own your life, nobody else will.

Forming a new habit requires commitment, patience, and hard work. We won’t always feel motivated. Initial enthusiasm will eventually wear off. That’s when we need to push ourselves and just keep going. Be ready to play the long game.

Fear of rejection and comparison can kill our dreams. There will be always people doing something better than us. But let that not stop us from getting started. Our self-worth is not wrapped up in our performance, in our looks, achievements or what others think about us.

Our self-worth is in God who created us and endowed us with potential for certain things. And when we begin realizing that potential, we come alive. When we find our value and identity in what God thinks about us, it liberates us to enjoy the journey of realizing our potential without the pressure of proving to others.

Learn from others, be inspired but trust your uniqueness. What you think is a disadvantage, could be an advantage. What you have to offer could be the distinct flavor that people are looking for or need to be exposed to. You don’t need to copy somebody. Be comfortable in your own skin.

So get started, take the first step. A little effort or slow progress towards your goal is better than not starting at all. Just do it.

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A collection of thoughts on life, the world and
personal experiences with God
A collection of thoughts on life, the world and personal experiences with God

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