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By Sachin Posted in Purpose Rebooted on Feb 28 3 min read
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Hi there! I am Sachin, and I'm glad you stopped by. I live in Kochi, India. I am a web designer by profession and the creator of SuperDifferent. In my free time, I love to write, design and create videos to share my thoughts on life, the world and God.

Wake up each morning and ask yourself, “How can I be a better version of myself today.

Life’s too short. Each day is filled with opportunities and possibilities. We can’t afford to stay confined to a life of meaningless existence. We can’t risk drifting aimlessly through the day carried away by the winds of boredom and passiveness. There’s a purpose in everything. 

Every season matters. Every role matters.

Pursuing our life purpose is like running a marathon. It’s not a sprint race or a one-time event. It’s an ongoing process. There’s an actionable purpose in every season of our life. There’s a purpose in our role as a husband, as a wife, as a son, as a daughter, as a father, as a mother, as a homemaker, as a student, as a colleague, as a professional and more.

If you are a father, aim to be the best version of yourself to your kids. Intentionally invest into their lives by spending time, mentoring and building a bond of friendship with them. 

Throw away stuff from your life that stops you from being an inspiring role model to your children. That’s your life purpose as a father. It’s more than just providing and putting food on the table. You are responsible for their emotional and spiritual well-being too.

As a husband, you are called to love, cherish, nurture and lead your wife well. As a professional learn, improve and innovate. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Do whatever it takes to realize your full potential.

If you’re a student, your purpose at the moment is primarily academic learning. Gain understanding on various subjects, learn new skills,  sharpen your talents, discover your leaning on certain subjects and explore them further. You won’t get this time back, so don’t squander it.

And in the end it’s not the years in your life that count; it’s the life in your years.

– Abraham Lincoln 

There should be prioritizing of purposes as you move back and forth between the roles. If you neglect your purpose in few roles and solely focus on one, it creates an unhealthy balance. It takes wisdom and discipline to keep the balance.

Maybe you’re a successful businessman or a professional, but that doesn’t excuse you from aiming to be a great husband and father. We can succeed in building great businesses but fail in building our own family.

There’s nothing wrong in aiming to be the best in our trade. Aiming for excellence or realizing our potential is a part of our purpose. But remember, it’s just a part. We can be so consumed in achieving our dreams that we turn a blind eye to relationships or things that need our attention and time.

We may die of many things but boredom will not be one of them.

Each day we can invest in learning, invest in relationships, encourage someone, learn new things, pursue God, care for people around us, explore ideas, inspire others, meet challenges head-on, learn from mistakes, and so much more. We don’t have any excuse to live a life of boredom.

Some days are easy, some days are tough. There are things that we can’t control. It’s okay, keep going. Purposes are time bound and if not perceived correctly and acted upon timely, we can end up with regrets. It takes intentionality and wisdom to manage our purposes. 

Do you have the passion and hunger to accomplish and become all that God wants you to be? Then be the best version of yourself. Focus on things that really matter. Live each day with purpose.

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A collection of thoughts on life, the world and
personal experiences with God
A collection of thoughts on life, the world and personal experiences with God

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