My first reaction to COVID

My first reaction to the COVID outbreak wasn’t fear, it was supernatural.

Almost all the people around me, except for my wife, were reacting to the news in fear. They were focusing on it day by day, listening to the news, the observed facts, and the death toll.

But led by the Holy Spirit, I sensed there was no need to pay attention to the news. So I hardly watched any, just saw some headlines, or heard something briefly in the initial days.

I knew that in Jesus’ name, I had authority over COVID-19. I was fully convinced of Psalm 91 as the absolute truth. I had also heard the story of plague cells dying in the hands of John G. Lake during the bubonic plague in 1910. The same resurrection life of Jesus is in us too and we must enforce that truth.

You see I am not afraid of dying. Dying is gain. But I don’t want to die prematurely without finishing my assignment.

That’s why we must not accept things as they come. We must discern correctly and put a resistance. We need to swing the sword of the Word of God and what the Holy Spirit says as the truth to overcome things.

Bubonic plague germs die

When the horrific bubonic plague broke out, most were too fearful to enter people’s homes. John G. Lake volunteered to care for the sick and bury the dead. He did it with no protection.

A doctor sent for Lake and asked, “What have you been doing to protect yourself? Lake replied, “I believe that as long as I keep my soul in contact with the living God so that His Spirit is flowing into my soul and body, that no germ will ever attach itself to me, for the Spirit of God will kill it”.

Amazingly, Lake asked the doctor to experiment by taking the foam from the lungs of a dead plague victim and putting it under a microscope. The doctor did that and found masses of living germs. At Lake’s insistence, the doctor spread the deadly foam on Lake’s hand and observing the results under the microscope, he was astonished to discover that all the germs died instantly. Lake told him, “That is the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus… When a man’s spirit and body are filled with the presence of God, it oozes out of the flesh and the pores and it kills the germs.”

Pre-emptive Preparation

In December 2019, as COVID-19 was just starting to spread, I and my wife traveled to three countries for our vacation. And while in Bangkok, in an Airbnb apartment, the Holy Spirit quickened us to start taking the Holy Communion.

We used to partake of the Holy Communion only on Sundays during the church services. But the Holy Spirit highlighted that there was something more about the Communion and we can take it with understanding and revelation at home or anywhere anytime.

In 1 Corinthians 11:23-26, we read that believers were getting weak, sick, and even dying prematurely because they were partaking of the Holy Communion in an unworthy manner.

But what if you take the Holy Communion in a worthy manner? Wouldn’t it produce life as we honor the Lord’s sacrifice?

Then while we were in Malaysia in December 2019, I had two back-to-back dreams about the power of decreeing truth from your mouth into impossible situations, such as sicknesses that seemed terminal.

So I knew God was pre-emptively positioning us to deal supernaturally with what was coming.

Also in March 2020, as the news of COVID-19 was being magnified, God said to me, “What is that one thing you will regret not doing, COVID-19 or not? If you have a race to run for, keep running. Put your head down, stay calm, and follow My lead.”

So I just focussed and was preoccupied with doing the assignment God had given me. I wasn’t paying attention to the news.

There was another dream that God gave me in 2020 where I saw believers going to a dark place instead of staying in the light. They were being attacked one by one by lions hiding in the tall grass.

What you focus and meditate on can take you into the darkness of fear and anxiety or to the light of hope and faith. Fear and worry are a foothold for the devil to steal, kill, and destroy.

COVID-like symptoms strike

Then in 2022, there were two occasions where I had gone out somewhere, and then after coming back, in the night, I felt a throat infection and fever.

I thought could this be a COVID-like symptom? I wasn’t taking any chances and decided to attack it. I got up and spoke like this:

In the name of Jesus, I speak to you COVID-19, I command you to be uprooted from my body. I resist you in the name of Jesus. The blood of Jesus took away all my sickness. By the stripes of Jesus, I have been healed. Jesus bore the COVID-19 virus and all sickness at the cross for me. I refuse this virus to remain in my body in Jesus’ name.

I have the resurrection life of Jesus flowing in me. I’m covered by the blood of Jesus. I have a covenant of healing by the blood of Jesus. The Lord is my Healer. The Lord heals all my diseases.

I’m a new creation in Christ. Jesus is the resurrection and He is in me. He is my resurrection. His Life is reigning in my body, soul, and spirit. I speak death to COVID-19 in my body. You cannot remain in me. You are being swallowed up by the resurrection life of Jesus.

I have not received a spirit of fear but a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. As Jesus is, so I am in this world. Jesus is free of COVID-19 and I’m a member of His body, of His flesh, and of His bones. I have His health and life flowing in me. I’m the branch connected to the True Vine. His Life is flowing and reigning in me. I speak the Shalom of Jesus to my mind, body, and spirit.

I spoke aggressively like that and went back to sleep. In the morning, when I woke up, it was gone. This happened twice.

Vaccine shots

We hadn’t taken the vaccine shots yet. We were convinced that we didn’t need it. Also, there were controversies surrounding the vaccines and their side effects. As I am writing this blog, recently this was confirmed in the news. I think a lot of exposure needs to happen.

But we wanted to travel in 2022. We took the double vaccination so that we wouldn’t need to self-quarantine when we go to other countries.

The scriptures say that if we drink anything deadly it will not harm us. So as we took the vaccination, we decreed from our mouths that it would not produce any side effects. We cancel it all in Jesus’ name.

Swing the Sword

Mainstream media is not necessarily the source of truth. They give out facts. But it can be weaponised and wielded to condition our minds to believe and accept a certain narrative.

My modus operandi is that there are many truths in God’s word. His truth can defy facts. But we need to be fully convinced of it.

So when something shows up, I try to discern the Holy Spirit’s witness in my spirit about it. I don’t quickly accept things as they come. If I discern that this isn’t God’s will for me, then I’m not going to accept an unnecessary trial or suffering. I will not let the enemy steal.

So I take a truth(s) and go swinging, as Samson did when he took hold of a donkey’s jaw bone and went swinging at the enemy. I speak the truth over the facts, I release it from my mouth with conviction and understanding till I see a breakthrough. Over the years I have fixed things supernaturally that weren’t possible to fix logically or practically.

My point is, at least swing rather than just accept things as they come. Don’t give in give up too soon. You may find out in heaven that some things weren’t God’s will. We cannot blame God. Our unbelief or not waiting for His insight/counsel allowed things to be stolen from us.

To suffer in His will is okay. But to suffer unnecessarily due to ignorance is something we need to keep in check. If we get hit, hit back harder by standing on God’s word in resilience.

What will you regret not doing?

In closing, I want to ask you what God asked me back then. No matter what’s going on, what’s the thing you will regret not doing that you know you should have done? Are you discerning the opportunities you have and using them fully?

Something interesting that Lance Wallnau said about not dying prematurely:

An unfinished prophetic assignment is the secret to defying premature death. When God calls you into war rather than becoming a casualty it preserves you.

See if you don’t have any unfinished assignments then there’s a different kind. I can’t explain all the complexity of this. If you don’t have an unfinished assignment, God doesn’t have the same leverage over what’s happening as when you’re engaged in the middle of a Heavenly assignment and Satan tries to take you out.

Satan couldn’t take Paul out when the shipwreck happened and also when the snake showed up and bit him. Why? Because the Lord had already told him through His Angel that Paul must appear before Ceasar in Rome. You see, Paul had an unfinished assignment. (Acts 27: 24)

The safest place to be is in the middle of an unfulfilled prophecy.