A love out of this world, a broadcast from Heaven

Before your parents ever had a chance to hold you, cuddle, shower their love and kisses on you, I loved you first.

You are exactly the person I intended to create. You are My unique masterpiece. You’re not replaceable. You are not a random number in the vast sea of the human population. I created you for joy. You are not a product of chance.

I determined your time and place of birth. You have the exact skin color, height, facial features, and personality that I meant for you to have. You’re beautiful to Me.

I knew you before you were born. You existed in My imagination. You came from Me. You are My idea. You are My painting. I took you out of eternity and placed you in time.

Before you began I wrote your story in My book. I know the exact number of hairs on your head. I know when you sit, and when you rise. I know all your thoughts. I have plans for you, to give you hope and a good future.

My thoughts towards you outnumber the grains of sand at the seashore. I’m always thinking of you. I have tattooed you in the palm of My hands.

I know everything about you, there’s nothing you can hide. I see the fears, the joy, and the regrets. I see your brokenness. I see the anger, the frustrations. I see the good and the bad.

I will never push you away. A mother may forget her child, but I will never forget you. You were lost, and I came looking for you.

I so loved you that I sacrificed, My only Son Jesus to get you back. I’m not counting your sins. I put it all on Jesus at the cross. Believe what My Son Jesus did and I will make you brand new.

You may think you’re so imperfect to deserve My love. But I’m love and I can’t help but love. My love for you is the purest and most unconditional.

People are fickle. Their opinions and loyalties change. They will have conditions, biases, and preferences, but I accept you just as you are. I cherish and celebrate you.

This is what you have been looking for all your life.

Feel the rush of My perfect love.