18 years of back pain gone

A few weeks back I had a conversation with a security guard. I asked him if he felt any pain on his body. He said he has back pain and is on medication.

I calmly rebuked the pain in the name of Jesus and commanded it to never come back. I asked him to check and see if he still felt the pain. He said it’s gone and looked surprised at how it disappeared just like that.

But I thought I will check with him again after a few days to know if its permanently gone.

I met him after a couple of weeks. He looked happy and said that he has not been taking any medicines since that day. He felt no pain. He had been taking medicines for the back pain for the past 18 years.

He was a Muslim. I explained to him that it is Jesus that healed him and I have no supernatural powers of my own. I prayed for healing because I felt that something might happen at that moment.

If I hadn’t followed through with that leading of the Spirit to praying for healing, God’s super wouldn’t have broken into the natural and bless this man.