I see you every day

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I saw you today
Looking out the train window
Lost in the thoughts that flow
Wondering if there’s more to the show

I saw you today
The celebrations and the fun
As you turned twenty-one
I knew you before you had begun

I see you every day
As you live in the now
Enjoying the little things
No matter how life swings

I see you every day
Your rush for adventure
Chasing dreams without measure
Against the odds and the pressure

I saw you today
As the evening silence fell
And soul’s emptiness cast a spell
You wondered who could tell
If there’s more to life
And where it’s meaning may dwell

I saw you that day
How broken you felt inside
The tears you tried to hide
How you wished for love
That would forever abide
And someone always by your side

They will tell you
Life just happens, it’s a circus
But I made you for a purpose
In my book, your days are covered
The hairs on your head numbered
And your life story colored

I knit you intentionally
in your mother’s womb
You’re not a mistake
I formed you for love’s sake

You may not know me
But all your ways I see
If you seek me
with all your heart
you will find me
I am not far apart
For what profit it is
if you gain all
but lose your soul

The way may be narrow
Filled with happiness
And sometimes sorrow
But I will take care
of your tomorrow
Like I do for every sparrow

I watch you every day
And I wonder, if someday
Before the hair turns gray
In the prime of your youth
When you run and play
You would care to know
I am the Life, the Truth, and the Way