I spoke poetically to Jesus, He replies

At Kuala Lumpur, I stayed up late into the night contemplating, praying and enjoying this night view of the city. I was pondering on a few things, praying and struggling with some thoughts.

As I felt the presence of God, I stretched my hand towards my wife who was fast asleep in the other room and prayed for her. Then I said the following lines to Jesus from one of my poems titled ‘Journey to a beautiful mind’:

O God, if I could walk with you
on the shores of this sea

It was my heart’s cry to meet Him and hear His perspective on my frustrations and struggle. I went to bed around 3 a.m.

The next day my wife said she had a dream last night. She said she was in a car and looking out of the car window she saw me at the shores of the sea fighting with a demonic force. And above me, there was this cloud. She said in that cloud was the Host of Heaven, an angelic creature hovering over me and waiting for my command.

I was blown away when I heard this. Isn’t it quite amazing for Jesus to reply through a dream that very night? And He specifically set up the scene in the dream at the seashore, to further reassure me that He heard my words.

Take authority

Sometimes we think it is our thoughts that we are struggling with but in reality, it could be a demonic force creating doubt, fear, lies, and oppressing our minds. It’s spiritual warfare.

Jesus was showing that He has given His warrior angel to defeat this demonic force and that I am not alone, but I needed to use the authority I have in Him to overcome. I was thinking I only need to talk to Jesus and things will be fine. But He wanted me to take care of it.

The heavenly host is a group or army with heavenly power to assist God’s people. When we exercise our authority as sons and daughters of God, the host of heaven execute things behind the scenes.

When we speak God’s Word into our situations, the angels will heed to it and enforce it. When we decree His Word we are demonstrating faith and resting in His peace rather than slip into worry and anxiety. 

The angels bind and destroy the demonic forces. They pull down strongholds and lies of the enemy hindering us from moving forward in God’s purposes.

Not all dreams are from God. Some are from the dark side or from your soul. Dreams from God may contain insights, warnings, or guidance.

Angelic help and protection are supernatural. They work behind the scenes in a believer’s life. The Bible mentions angels appearing to humans in real life, in visions, and in dreams. Some angels bring messages from God, some are involved in healing, signs, and wonders. And some are warrior angels, the armies of Heaven that fight and destroy demonic forces.