Have you been encouraged by SuperDifferent.com?

God inspired me to create SuperDifferent.com saying that it will be a flavor that many need to experience. At the moment, it’s a small beginning, but I’m on a journey to impact as many people as possible through digital media and one-on-one opportunities.

Sachin & Lilian

My passion is to help people:

  1. Understand the Gospel
  2. Enjoy fellowship with Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit
  3. Find freedom from fear, worry, and strongholds of sin
  4. Pursue their calling

The website, the digital contents and social media are some of the mediums through which I encourage, challenge perspectives, and inspire people to go further and higher.

I encourage and mentor believers one-on-one too. I also love sharing the Gospel with strangers, hearing their story, sharing my story, and talking about God with them. I do this with the intent to give hope and inspire people to do life with God in a new way.

I and my wife also have a heart for the people of East Asia and Southeast Asia. We intend to travel and connect with local believers in these places.

There are new ideas waiting to be executed. There are outlets I can leverage very well. But they all come at a price.

One major way you can help is through your financial gift. It will help in covering expenses incurred in travel, creating a comic book (work in progress), creating new digital contents, and reaching more people through paid promotion.

If you want to give now, we’ll be happy to receive a surprise blessing of any amount as a gift.

Thank you so much for your generosity


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Donation amount
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