A God who communicates

This video testimony describes Preeti Krishnan’s journey to find God who communicates.

Drugs, Sex, and Jesus

He’s the most polarizing character in world history. J. P. Pokluda weighs in on Jesus.

Why is Hell so horrible?

Why do people falsely accuse God based on the reality of hell and their own ignorance and arrogance?

Does your life make sense in light of eternity?

Are the things we’re living for worth Christ dying for? A must-listen burning message by Michael L. Brown encouraging us to make our very short life count in the light of eternity and not waste it on trivial pursuits.

One who trembles at My Word

Do we match the description of the person to whom God is looking? Do we have a holy awe and reverence for the Word of God? A must-listen message by Derek Prince.