The God who died for you

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If you haven’t watched the above video yet, please watch it first. The following is a response based on that.

What do we need to be saved from? Wrath. God is angry at sinners — and He loves them. Have you ever been angry at somebody you love? Of course you have: dad, mom, brother, sister. And God has that, and He found a way to do both — and thus be totally just in His wrath and totally loving in His mercy. It’s called Gospel. It’s called Christ died to absorb that wrath. — John Piper

Having considered God’s work on behalf of sinful humanity, we must now ask how we are to respond in order to benefit from such a great salvation, or, what must we do to be saved?

The Bible demands two things of all men: (1) that they repent of their sins, and (2) that they trust in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

So examine yourself. Are you a sinner? Do you recognize that you have a sinful heart and a record of breaking God’s laws?

Don’t make excuses. Don’t pretend that you are a basically good person. If you do, then Jesus has nothing for you, for He came for sinners.

The following exploratory questions will help you determine if genuine repentance is a reality in your life.

Do you now think differently about God?
Do you see that God, rather than you, should be at the center of all things? Do you desire to seek Him and know Him?

Do you now think differently about sin?
Do you see that sin is vile and a terrible offense to God? Do you feel regret and shame for your sin? Do you long to be free from both the condemnation and the slavery of sin? Are you ready to confess your sin and turn to God for mercy?

Do you now think differently about the way of salvation?
Do you fully agree that you cannot return to God by your own merit, but only through the person and work of Christ? Do you acknowledge that your best deeds are like filthy rags before God, and have you rejected all hope in your own righteousness?

If you are able to affirm these questions, or if these things are growing realities in your life, it is an indication that God has been and is working in your heart, illuminating your mind to see the truth.

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You will need a good born-again Bible teaching church community in your location to help you in this new journey of following Christ.

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Credits: The Gospel of Jesus Christ, Paul Washer