The truth will liberate us

In my previous prophetic article, I mentioned that Jesus said He is looking for overcomers, not excuses. That one line from Jesus is powerful.

There is enablement when Jesus speaks because He speaks the truth. It can shift our perception. His truth will set us free. Jesus is saying the truth is that we’re well able to overcome things we think we can’t overcome.

He is exposing something here for our benefit.

He is trying to get us to believe that we can overcome whatever is thrown at us by the people, the world, the devil, and our flesh. Jesus was an overcomer. The scripture says that as He is, so are we in this world and that we’re more than conquerors through Jesus.

Lies, discouragements, temptations, rejections, insecurities, disappointments, hurts, misunderstandings, fear, doubts that pull us down will have a tough time to break through us if we just believe.

We can break through the philistine lines like David’s mighty warriors. We can bear the pressure, overthrow intimidations, and take out giants from our life. We can turn the battle.

Instead of seeing ourselves as a helpless victim of circumstances, temptations, and pressure, He wants us to see ourselves as a warrior who can turn the battle. There is a spiritual battle going on. Our spiritual alignment is important for what God has in store for us in the natural. It’s advancement.

Maybe this is a season of pressure, patience, and test for many. But it can turn out to be good. Jesus intends to shift us to a new place with Him, not the familiar one. That place is better than the old one.

I pray that a warrior mentality will take root in us and become the default mode. Jesus is recruiting an overcoming army. He is enabling this army. This is a new era for Christianity, He is rising over us as a warrior.

Get ready for more enablement.