Valentine’s Day: The Love Gap

Before I ever met my wife and fell in love, it was in school that I began encountering the love of God.

And deep in my heart it was forever settled that no one on this earth can love me the way He does.

My emotions grew strong for Him. It resulted in inner stability, security, and calmness. Because when I believed His love for me, I discerned my value and the value of others.

My friend, human love will always have limitations. It will never satisfy the thirst of our eternal soul. It will leave us disillusioned and disappointed.

K-dramas, especially the romance genre, with their storyline, script, and characters, have perfected the art of choreographing our emotions effectively. We just can’t get enough of those stories.

Though real life is nothing like a K-drama story, meeting someone special and falling in love has its many imperfect, sweet, and memorable moments.

But sooner or later, we realize that this love alone does not complete us. It cannot fill all the gaps in our souls.

In a performance-driven world, we struggle with our worth and value. We do not grasp the meaning of our existence. We do not know our purpose. Comparing ourselves to others, we often feel insecure and inferior. We strive hard to prove and win social acceptance. We want to be noticed and approved. The opinion of others matters a lot to us.

Then there are hurts and fears from our past. We have idealistic expectations on affections of love from others. There is no lasting peace and rest for our minds. What we have is mostly some temporary and circumstantial happiness.

There are gaps in our souls.

What can or rather who can bring wholeness and harmony to our lives?

The most crucial gap is either not knowing or not believing that God loves you and me uniquely. We are loved and valued because He intentionally created us.

And He even paid a great price to show His love.

On this Valentine’s day, know that there’s a perfect love out of this world that can make you whole.

I woke up one morning and sensed God moving my heart to pen down a message. And the words just flowed. What you’re about to hear flows from the very heart of God to you.

Believe it.

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