What is the right narrative?

Johnny Enlow on getting in line with God’s narrative in these times:

If I can convince you with a narrative, I can affect your perception. Un-anointed seeing and reporting have severe consequences. We must frame the challenges in a narrative of hope.

Joshua and Caleb saw the bigger picture despite the challenges.
Caleb said the giants are bread for us.

Is that too far for you to see?

There has always been a war against God’s narrative. There was a guy who did not buy into the normal narrative of his day. He said who is this uncircumcised Philistine. He was strengthened in a unique way because he knew God’s narrative. It’s narrative from heaven’s vantage point.

David was a Kingdom enforcer. He had a different fire burning inside him. He had a different identity, a different narrative, a different storyline.

The incense of truth, though not always good, should have an aroma of hope rooted in what God’s intent is and His capability.

Mainstream media is not necessarily the source of truth. They give out facts. But it can be weaponised too and wielded to condition our minds to believe and accept a narrative.

Have the spirit of good news. There is always a celebration in Heaven because they see what we don’t see.

What is the right narrative?
Are you someone steering the narrative of the day?