You gotta slow down

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To the busy bees
To the eager beavers
To the go-getters
To the hustlers
To the ones smiling outside
but dying inside
To the ones falling
To the ones tripping
If you all don’t mind
I wanna share a little something

You gotta slow down
Take a deep breath
Be still and lie down
Let go your broken cup
Step out and look up

You gotta slow down
Smell the flowers all around
Watch the sun go down
See the children playing
Hear the sparrows chirping
See the pigeons flying

You gotta slow down
Watch the blue skies spreading out
See the careless clouds drifting south
Hear the wind whispering
Listen to the whistling
Feel its rush on your face
Hear them singing grace

You gotta slow down
Watch the rain falling
Hear the leaves rustling
See the stars glowing
And the moon shining

You gotta slow down
Walk under the city lights
Let go of all the fights
Stop overthinking
Enough of overdoing
Stop chasing, start living

The world hurrying and worrying
But feel what I’m saying
You’re rushing too fast too hard
Slaving at the desk for your dream card
Hooked to your phones all the way
No time for simple wonders in the day

You gotta slow down
Learn to ponder in silence
Seek His wisdom and guidance
Find your balance
Life ain’t all in the doing
Step back, stop trying

You gotta slow down
Spend time with your loved ones
Create good memories in tons
Away with negativity and pettiness
Grow in loving and caring
Stop hating, stop complaining
Life is fleeting
Keep fewer regrets
when you’re dying

You gotta slow down
Stop chasing the crown
Joy in simple things abound
Open your eyes, look around
Wonder is waiting to be found
in people and all things around

The urgencies, the deadlines, and the expectations put us under constant pressure and job-related stress. We struggle to disengage and pause. 

There was a time when we found joy in the simple things of life. But it seems it’s been a while we felt that joy. The pressures of life have snuffed out the wonder we had once.

We live but we don’t feel alive.