You will seek Me and find Me
when you search for Me
with all your heart.

— God | The Bible


Hey there, I’m Sachin, Jesus lover, web developer, writer, digital artist, mentor, and creator of I live in Kochi, India.

I’m on a mission to encourage and inspire people to seek God, live free, and pursue their calling. I love encouraging believers in Christ and inspiring seekers to rediscover God through a Biblical worldview. My website has the following:

Poetry: The poems I write are simple. Some of them have an underlying meaning. You will find poetry on the Video and the Twilight Radio page.

Supernatural: Some stories of God’s miracles, His guidance, and how I was able to supernaturally fix things for myself and for others with God’s help.

Journey: Thoughts and inspirations on life, various challenges, God’s love, insights from the Bible, stories of others, and more.

Dreams & Prophetic: A few dreams from God and prophetic inspirations that I sense I should release to believers in Christ. The language of the last days is revelatory as God pours His Spirit resulting in dreams and visions.

Hanaya Oki: Slice of life of 18-year old Hanaya Oki living in Kamakura, Japan, as she learns to do life with Jesus. The Lord inspired me to create this as His intent is to draw teens and young adults into intimacy with Him early on.

Video & Twilight radio: Scriptures, prayers, poetry, messages, and spoken affirmations. In a world of increasing moral darkness, anxiety, and fear, get ignited, stay illuminated, and be infused with a narrative of hope, courage, and boldness.

Art: When I’m inspired by a thought or a feeling, I love creating digital photo manipulation artwork with a few lines of poetry or a quote.

Super Seconds: Short Spirit-led insights, revelations, and encouragements for believers in Christ.

The Gospel, The God Story: If you have ever wondered why our world in such a mess and what Jesus did to save you from what’s coming, I recommend spending some time on these pages.

Explore: Some art products, books, and video recommendations.

I love to see a generation that:

Understands the Gospel
Enjoys fellowship with Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit
Finds freedom from fear, worry, addictions, and strongholds of sin
Is hungry to pursue God’s purposes for their lives

What keeps me going

There was a time in my life where I was searching for unconditional love and the purpose of my existence. I felt my story was incomplete, that something was missing and there must be more than what meets the eye.

In my 11th grade, I came across these words in the Bible; God spoke to Moses, as a man speaks to his friend. The idea of friendship with the Creator of the universe just blew me away.

From there on a journey of re-discovering God began. The whole story started to make sense. I realized the ache I felt in my soul was for God, to know and experience Him. And it changed everything for me.

In most of my writings I relate to God as someone I know in experience and not just in theory. I share insights, encounters, and revelations that has brought much freedom and meaning to my life.

Friendship with God might sound strange or unreal to many, but our perceptions are shaped by what we choose to believe about God, this life, and the supernatural.

My view of God is shaped by my Christian faith and the biblical narrative of God, the origin, the meaning of life, morality, and destiny. That is, who God is? How did I come into being? What brings life meaning? How do I know right from wrong? Where am I headed after I die?

I hope the contents on this website will empower and inspire you to move forward with a super different perspective. I hope it will invoke curiosity in you to seek God and experience His love in a fresh new way.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have something to say feel free to drop me a message at

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