Beautiful Distraction

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Life is bitter, the journey long
Endless stories, sleepless nights
What if I could escape
to a magical wonderland
A secret place
of endless fascination
where the cares
of my soul are lost
in a beautiful distraction

Unless we get lost in a beautiful distraction, we’ll always look within or around and get depressed.

We were made to look up, to wonder, and behold something far more glorious, hidden and mysterious that we cannot see with our naked eyes.

But herein lies an invitation, a call to divine romance, the ultimate adventure, a quest to encounter the Invisible Creator.

But it’s a narrow path.

Many camp in the outer fringes of His knowledge, basking in the beauty of His works. Only a few go deeper and further to seek out the painter Himself.

And when they find Him, they realize there is more, much more, secrets that the world will never know because they did not believe. They did not pursue the Invisible One.

But for these curious explorers, the mystery of God and His ways is not a stumbling block, but the beginning of an endless fascination. And it is this very journey that transforms them forever.

There was a man named Job in the Bible who suffered terrible loss. He lost his children, wealth, property, workers, health very quickly. He lamented and sought an audience with God to get answers for his unjust suffering.

But God interrogated Job with 77 rhetorical questions. Job could not answer any of these 77 questions about cosmology, oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy.

None of these questions contained anything about his situation. God never even addressed the reason for his suffering.

By the time God was done, Job was left in complete awe and wonder. He said to God, “I have uttered what I did not understand, things too wonderful for me, which I did not know. I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees You.”

It was as if Job was suddenly caught up in a beautiful distraction and his focus shifted. That encounter with God quietened and settled him. His complaining and quest for answers stopped.

In the end, God restored twice of all that Job had lost.

In the Bible, we see that David often penned down his frustrations, anger and pain in his songs. But we also read David looking up, finding hope and comfort in the loving kindness, wisdom and greatness of God.

We might not suffer the way Job did, but tough times will come, the unexpected can happen in our lives. There are changing variables in this world that are beyond our control. We may be left with many unanswered questions.

But as long as we trust the infinite wisdom, love and greatness of God, I think we will be fine in not knowing the answers.

When we read the Bible, it will speak to us. It will paint a perspective that will give rest to our weary souls. Things we magnify in our minds leading to depression will start appearing small or nothing at all.

There are many distractions that leave us empty and depressed. It’s time we get lost in a beautiful distraction that heals and transforms us.