Crumbs of Joy

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I am a traveler passing by
under the evening twilight sky
Only if I had magical wings to fly
I could kiss this restlessness goodbye

Living on crumbs of happiness so thin
Fooling the incompleteness within
Lazing in fleeting sparks of delight
I bask in short-lived joys
It’s a pretty sight
I wish they could last longer
But it’s alright

All the beauty there is to hold
Wish they could forever stay
But time blows all of them away
I move on
Pretending I don’t care
I still look here and back there

Life then and now
It’s a big contrast
Grateful, I am
But I don’t dwell on the past
Some things never come back
That’s okay
I take the plunge into the unknown
It’s a new day

I remember when we first met
I got caught in your love net
I felt my heart’s rhythm being reset
Those moments I can never forget
The sweetest feeling to pursue
was falling in love with you

Life ain’t like the rom-coms we see
Frictions may be many or few
Still, you are the gift I most value
Come what may
I love being with you

And life keeps going
The music keeps on playing
The crumbs of joy keep falling
But I keep dreaming
Beyond this familiar door
of something more than the crumbs
lying on the floor

Is this the path of life?
Is there more to what I’m seeing?
Under the city lights
I chase perfect joy
Illusions of lasting delight

In the light of the night
My restless soul puts up a fight
I am a traveler passing by
a broken world of short sight