Endless Fascination

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Life is bitter, the journey long
Endless days, sleepless nights
I heard a lullaby, a magic song
I wished for a thousand road lights
For the journey all night long

My heart is a la-la land
of endless fascination
a magical wonderland
a risky venture
a never-ending adventure

I walk this unfamiliar road
of simplicity
and endless happiness
An uncomplicated world
of care-free craziness
Let me forget
The broken things I can’t fix
when memories of love
and pain mix

A thousand strokes
from your paintbrush
I feel that rush
of endless fascination
that never-ending love
and peace from above

Like the birds in the sky
My heart roams free
I keep moving even when dry
I am not a leaf on some tree
The world wonders what’s up
I am not afraid to trip up
My heart is lit up
with a thousand light bulbs

Life is bitter, the journey long
Endless days, sleepless nights
I hear a distant melody, a magic song
Telling me a story of a scarlet road
to a magical wonderland
a place of endless fascination
a risky venture
a never-ending adventure

Take me to a secret place of endless fascination, where the cares of my heart are lost in a beautiful distraction.

The world is broken, at times maddening, a hard place to live. I want to escape to a place of endless happiness and simplicity. But You teach me how to live. You show me the path of life. You say, “This is the way, walk in it”. 

You fascinate my heart. You inspire my imaginations with hope and dreams for my future. You give rest to my soul. You light up my path and I keep going.

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