God said, “Enjoy this upgrade.”

Years ago, God put a desire in our hearts to move to a better home. He said to me and my wife, “It’s time for an upgrade”. The rent for the new place was almost three times the current one.

This new place was refreshingly beautiful. It had a huge park and a lovely view from the balcony. The apartment was on the 30th floor.

The facilities of this place, the exterior, and the things inside the apartment were totally a huge upgrade compared to where we were staying.

Logically, there was no reason for us to move to this new place. Not only it was far but now I had to buy a car and learn driving because of the location. But God said I want you to enjoy this upgrade, go for it.

When I told my parents, they weren’t convinced. One night my dad called up and told us that it is foolishness to go forward with the plan.

We felt discouraged.

On that same night, God showed me a dream. He showed that my parents were at an old house, a place we stayed in when I was little. In the dream I heard my parents say that this is where we’re going to stay. I looked at the old house and said, “No, this is not what God has for us. I am going to the new place.”

If God authors it, He will finish it.

Through the dream God was confirming to us not to settle for less.

He was saying that people can overextend their seasons of life. They remain where they are for a long time because they don’t listen to His counsel and take timely action.

My parents were thinking that we can’t pull this off. They were concerned that it will become a financial burden.

But we moved ahead in faith because we perceived what God had in store for us. God also told us how to pull this off given the huge rent.

The finances to pay the security amount and other expenses involved in moving, all of it came at the right time. Regarding the transport to move around, I purchased my dad’s car and he got a new one.

We never faced a lack of finances for all the three years that we were there. Earlier we lived in a house with one AC, this new one had six ACs. We were able to meet all the expenses apart from the rent. We lived comfortably.

The owners of the apartment were very good to us. God gave us favor with them. They did not increase the rent for the second year.

In the new place we not only enjoyed the home and the beautiful environment, but we also accomplished things that God purposed for us for that season.

God does not reveal all the details at once. He leads us one step at a time to position us at the right place at the right time.

But it’s up to us to obey His nudges. When we come into His alignment, we experience His favor, we cannot fail. We not only get to enjoy the benefits but we accomplish His purposes that benefit others.

My pursuit in life is to enjoy friendship with God and follow through with His counsel. I desire to do life with God and make sure my steps are authored by God because if He authors it, He is under the responsibility to finish it.