Here comes Grace

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Thought I knew
Yet searching
Until I heard it anew

Trying hard
To be, to hold, to reach
But in a blink
Perfected, made new
To Him forever glued

What’s my worth?
Is it looks, performance, or luck?
To have, must I give?
He said it’s finished
You’re accepted, loved
I gave all, just receive

Here comes Grace
Thought I must chase
Constant, always flowing
Rested in His embrace

Stuck, thought was alone
Wondered who cared?
He said I’m here
Talk to me like a friend
I’m with you till the end

Here comes Grace
Thought I must chase
Constant, always flowing
Freed by His embrace

Can you hear what I hear?
The rhythm of His Grace
Constant, always flowing
Leading me to a new place

Perform, Perform, Perform

We are born into a performance-driven world that says we need to work harder to be noticed, accepted, rewarded, and loved. It says everything in life comes with strings attached. There’s no gain without pain. To have, we must give. We need to do, do, and do more.

We think to ourselves, “If I can perform perfectly, discipline myself more, behave this way, or look that way, or if luck is on my side, I will be accepted, loved, and blessed.”

And sadly, we view God’s Grace through this same lens. We think we need to measure up to earn something from God. After all, nothing is really free in life, we need to be deserving, so we believe.

Most believers live a mixed life. We live under the law of dos and don’ts, trying hard to measure up and under Grace.

We live a transactional life. We think avoiding sin and spiritual disciplines will make us worthy of His goodness. We are far more law and performance conscious than Grace.

Receive, Receive, Receive

Do we fully understand why Grace is so amazing?

Grace is a person. His name is Jesus. He is God’s forever unmerited favor flowing towards you and me. It will never stop.

We were lost in sin and He came for us. He never waited or waits for our performance. We are so precious to God that He did not spare His own Son Jesus to pay the price for our sins. Won’t He freely give us all things?

Grace came and perfected us in a blink. Jesus said it is finished, our sins are taken away. In an instant, we became new on the inside.

The law was intended to bring us to the end of ourselves. Grace did what we can never do for ourselves. It was never up to us and it will never be. We can never boast. We can never earn. We can never prove. We can never return the favor. Jesus earned it all for us.

God’s affections and blessings towards us will never diminish because it never depended on our behavior and actions to start with. Nothing can separate us from His love, not even our failures and shortcomings.

Breathe, dance, rest

Many of our life’s unnecessary hardships and pain comes because we don’t move where His Grace leads. We trust our own path.

His Grace wants to lead you to the path of life that He has designed for you. There is protection, provision, healing, and peace there. You don’t have to strive hard to make things happen. Rest in His Grace, do what you need to do and God will do what’s beyond you.

God is the perfect Father you never had. Jesus calls you His friend. Grace came to you and has promised to never leave you helpless or abandon you as an orphan.

In a performance-driven world, finally, there’s someone who loves, accepts, helps, and blesses you unconditionally. There’s someone who’s got your back. At last, you can breathe, dance, and rest in life.