It’s a beautiful day

This artwork was inspired by a dream I had in the night. But it’s not exactly as I saw in the dream.

It was a chaotic day of unrest and protest in the city. As I was heading back home, I saw a special forces unit of an army, all female, being dropped by a helicopter on a building and they were sliding down by a rope. They were coming to bring order and peace to the city.

I then walked past a building and suddenly found myself teleported to a foreign land. I was now walking on a snow-covered road. It looked like someplace in an Eurasian country.

A girl who seemed 17-19 years old walked a little ahead of me. She looked sad. I moved closer and started talking to her. I told her just two or three things about God and His love. As she listened I could see that she was being deeply moved. She had never heard about God like this.

As I was about to go on my way, she said, “Why don’t you come to my place for some tea?”. She then gazed at the blue skies and said, “It’s a beautiful day!”. The blueness of the skies was quite amazing.

I sensed she wanted to hear more about God. So I said okay. I could see a line of houses at a distance. We had to walk a bit through the snow to reach her place.

It seemed the family wasn’t doing well financially. The house was almost empty and in a bad state. As I sat on the floor, the girl said, “I’m going to get some milk and will be back soon”.

A few minutes later her brother came in. He was drunk, angry, and was talking to himself, saying that he would sell her to some people. He laid on the floor mumbling to himself and slept off.

I then saw two of my school friends at the door. I was surprised to see them here after so many years. I asked what are they doing here. They said they had been telling her to value herself and guiding her with ideas on earning a living.

As we were talking the girl returned crying. I said, “It’s fine, don’t worry about the milk and the tea, forget it, just rest”. As she sobbed, she rested her head on mine and my friend’s shoulder and we comforted her.

Dream Interpretation

I saw this dream in the year 2021. This was one of those dreams of the night from God that moved me deeply. The Gospel, the truth of God’s amazing love combined with practical empowerment can bring much meaning and hope to the vulnerable.

I think in the dream the country was either Mongolia or Uzbekistan or some other Eurasian country.

Later I learned that Mongolia is sometimes poetically called the “Land of Eternal Blue Sky” or “Land of the Endless Blue Sky”, as it has over 260 days of clear blue sky.

Apart from Buddhism, Tengrism the worship of the sky and nature is still practiced in Mongolia today. According to this belief, the skies are the father, and the earth is the mother of all beings in the universe.

It could be the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, in the Ger (tent) district, where the living conditions are poor. While reading a report on trafficking in Mongolia, it was documented that traffickers mostly emphasize choosing girls and young women aged 18-25 from poor households with low income, or orphans, whom nobody will look for and enquire, or families with violence and alcoholism.

God’s heart is for the lost and vulnerable. We need more people passionate about missions and also some social entrepreneurs. What I can do now is at least sow seeds of prayer. I hope that there will be opportunities in the future to reach out.

And about the special forces that were all women, I believe God is calling and empowering women for something in these times of chaos. Amid all the chaos in the world, God is also calling many to mission work.