Should I stay here for the money?

After working at a digital marketing company for five years, I decided it was time to move on. I no longer felt inspired to continue working on the projects there. The grace for that season of work life was diminishing.

I had a great boss and a good team. We had some great moments together. But after a few years, I felt it was turning out to be a yoke that I didn’t need to bear.

I was earning a good salary while working remotely, thanks to my generous boss.

New Adventure

In December 2020, as I was contemplating whether to stay or leave, I asked Jesus, “Lord, should I stay here just for the money?”.

Jesus said, “What do you think?”.

I said, “Well, I think money shouldn’t be the deciding factor.”

I felt He liked my answer.

He then said, “When you leave, it will be a new adventure.”

I didn’t know what this new adventure would be.

I left the company in March 2021 and went back to freelancing. I thought I could earn more money and also get more free time to do other things.

But going back to freelancing didn’t look like a new adventure. I mean, I was a freelance web developer for 9 years before I joined the digital marketing company.

After I left the company, I expected projects to open up effortlessly, like the way God had opened them up for me in the past years.

I got one project in April 2021, but nothing else after that.

Joining a Missions organization

Then I had a dream in the night. In the dream, I saw myself working in an office of an organization or company. Not every dream is from the Lord, but this seemed to be a prophetic intel from the Lord.

I thought alright, so is the new adventure working in an organization or company? Then I said to the Lord, “If that’s the case, I would prefer to work for an organization that is into evangelism and missions, focussing on East Asian countries, and I don’t want it to be a hectic job.”

I felt a synchronization and alignment in my spirit on what I desired and God’s intent. We were on the same page.

I then felt led to apply to some mission organizations. I searched on the internet and applied at a couple of places. Then I came across OMF International website and saw an IT job opening in their Singapore office. They needed a Web Support Specialist. But I didn’t have to be in Singapore. I could work remotely.

I looked at the job description and thought this sounds great. I didn’t want to develop any websites from scratch as I wanted a break from it. I just had to manage the existing website system, support the users, and troubleshoot and resolve website-related issues.

The long process

I emailed my resume to the HR. There was no reply for two weeks. I then felt I should follow OMF Singapore on Instagram. Then in one of their postings, they mentioned again about this vacancy. I commented on that Instagram post whether they are considering people outside Singapore and told them I had sent my resume and hadn’t received any reply.

They said people outside Singapore can apply. Then after a day or two, I got a reply from their HR person.

The first thing she mentioned was the salary expectation. Since it is a missions organization, OMF cannot pay like a corporate company. She mentioned the salary range. It was half of my previous salary, in fact, a little less than half at that time.

I said it’s okay, I would like to proceed further.

My first interview was scheduled in September 2021. After the first one, there were two more. Then they asked me to send the referee email address of a pastor or a spiritual leader and the email address of my boss from the previous employment so that they could send some questionnaires to them.

I emailed it to them.

I didn’t hear anything from them for the next 15 – 20 days.

I sent a follow-up email asking them if there was an issue. I got a reply from the IT leader, to whom I would report to, that they had not received any response from me on the referees and thought I was no longer interested in this post.

I said I had already sent the email with the info they needed. I emailed them again from two separate email addresses of mine.

But then again, no reply for some days. I was contemplating giving up and considering this door as closed. The next day in the morning, the IT leader sent a message on WhatsApp asking if I had received their emails about the referee info they needed.

I said I had already sent it.

He then said that it seemed their system flagged my email as suspicious because of a link in it and sent it to the quarantine folder. He got it whitelisted.

So I emailed the info again. But then again, no reply for a long time.

I followed up again asking if there were issues and said I was still very interested. He said the issue they’re trying to sort out is about logistics and the process of paying me in India. I suggested a couple of things and he said he would pass the info on to the concerned team.

It was a lot of waiting time. But all the while the Lord didn’t indicate anything else. Eventually, five months after the first interview, I got the job and started working for OMF International in February 2022.


Because the waiting period was so long it ate into my savings. I had to borrow money from my parents for two months after my savings got over.

I knew that the divine intel from God was right. And there was a divine orchestration and timing that led me to OMF. But the longevity of the process affected me for a while. On top of that, there was a deliverance process happening to my wife in certain areas in the same season. God was at work in both of our lives.

I thought things would go smoothly and quickly when the Lord said it would be a new adventure. Though eventually, things worked out, the suggestion that the devil was trying to put in my mind was that even though I followed through with the will of God, the Lord didn’t back me up fast enough. And the delay costed me.

To be honest, I had wished it to happen sooner. But I wasn’t blaming God. If we truly know Him, we can’t. He is perfect in all His ways.

Right place, right time

After joining OMF, after a few months, something major came up. I can’t reveal all the details of the issue. But we started looking for alternative solutions and third-party web development vendors. The whole project was estimated to cost around USD 70,000 – 100,000, excluding post development monthly maintenance cost. The work was huge.

Though web development wasn’t in the scope of my job description, I had the skills and experience to do it single-handedly. So I prayed, “Lord, if this meant to come to me, I will do it.”

Eventually, the decision was made to do it in-house and the work came to me and I pulled it off, saving OMF thousands of dollars. If we had gone with other solutions and third-party vendors we would have gotten stuck again. With the new system, we can support the users better, faster and have more flexibility and control in design and development. And all that at a much lower cost.

Now looking back, in hindsight, these are my observations and advice:

Hear the voice of the Lord for yourself

Always hear first-hand from the Lord. Why depend on middle-men or the next prophetic encouragement?

Supernatural is not always about the spectacular. Most of the time, it’s simply having a conversation with the Lord or hearing the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. Never forsake your own processing with the Lord.

Have no pending step from your side once you get an intel from the Lord or when you discern the new direction.

In this transition journey, except for my wife, there was discouragement from people close to me and also from some church leaders. People may not pick up or discern God’s will for you, so then they speak from their minds, not from the Spirit. But this was nothing new to me. I wasn’t second guessing whether I heard from the Lord since I have a track record and history with Him.

Loss is gain

The Lord wanted to place me strategically in OMF at the right time. If I had projects opening up for me as a freelancer, I wouldn’t have applied for a job with any organization or company.

And since my savings were dwindling, I was mentally adjusted to take up the job for a little less than half of my previous salary. It’s gone up a bit more since then.

But I was also genuinely interested in working for an organization that has the same passion as I have.

I intend to work for OMF as long as I feel the Lord wants me there.

We can do the will of God and still suffer loss. It’s not always about us, monetary benefits and our comfort.

It’s also for the sake of what benefits others. And we can gain a lot in other ways and areas that prepare us for a future assignment from the Lord.

If things don’t roll out as we expected and in our sense of timing, it isn’t because we did something wrong. It could be because we did everything right. So trust the process. Sometimes it’s a test or warfare meant for our freedom and growth. So don’t give up. About the monetary savings that I lost, the Lord has been restoring it slowly in another form and ways.

Positioned to do more

Transition is also about how the Lord wants to position you. My timings of work are such that I can work on other things that the Lord has assigned me to do. Also, the work is not as hectic as my previous job. So I have more time, space, and mental energy to do other creative stuff.

Though I can take up projects after my work hours to earn more money, I don’t. I have turned down projects. The reason is that I reserve my time and creative energies for other assignments the Lord has for me, which is mainly creating contents to encourage and mentor people.

You have to own your assignment and have no regrets later that you didn’t discern the opportunities and use it fully. I spend my own salary money to do the assignment that the Lord has entrusted me with. Paul the apostle did it too. He did receive support in between from others. It would be great to have that kind of support. I would love to have more resources. But that shouldn’t stop us from faithfully doing what we can do with what we have, even if it costs us. The joy is in anticipating the fruits that our labor will produce.