Street of dreams

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Street of dreams
What’s it all about
Trying to breakout
Day in, day out
Turning to arrive
Life’s sweet spot

Pursuit of reasons
Things well fought
Regrets and doubts
Choices all in a knot

Street of dreams
What’s it all about
It’s a mystery plot
Wake me up
When I reach
Life’s sweet spot

What is that we really want? Isn’t it that we constantly long to arrive at a sweet spot in life? 

Health, wealth, safety, and happiness in relationships?

We think to ourselves, “If I only had the perfect job, the right spouse, the perfect weight, better looks, more money, the perfect home, then I can find satisfaction”. Yet, when we think we have arrived, we’re left disillusioned. It wasn’t quite what we hoped it to be.

We desire perfection because we were created by God to experience perfection. But here we are, stuck in a fallen, broken, and frustrating world. We walk the street of dreams, hoping that the empty hole in our hearts will be filled one day. But it always seems out of reach.

When things don’t go as we expect, we put pressure on ourselves, on people, and complain about how life isn’t fair.

This world is full of mirages, and we run to shimmering shadows of water but find them deceiving. We are weary, weary in our unending search for fulfillment, weary in running after soap bubbles.
— Amanda Chang

Many of the things we seek are good but expecting these to fill our empty hearts is like trying to fill water in broken cisterns.

The sooner we realize we’re living in a fallen world, the more realistic and stable we will be. Instead of spending so much of our time, focus, and energy trying to arrive in that perfect sweet spot in life, we will embrace the brokenness within and around.

We will learn to be content, patient, and perhaps give more grace to people around us. Instead of always looking for people’s acceptance and approval, we will make peace with who we truly are and what we have.

In our imperfections, limitations, and weaknesses, we will look to God, not people. We will stop fearing rejection and failure.

We were created with a craving in our hearts to be pursued, delighted in, and enjoyed, first by God. Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins on the cross is the ultimate proof of God’s perfect love for us.

The Bible says that our days are written in God’s book. Our life is not some random story. God wrote our story before the foundations of the world. He knew us before we came into existence.

We can be rerouted onto God’s path of life intended for us if we embrace His version of our story rather than the world’s.

Instead of getting caught up in the race to do more to get more or to prove ourselves to others, our purpose is not to arrive at life’s perfect sweet spot but to know God, the author of life, the fountain of living waters. That’s when our thirst is quenched and our hearts find true rest and peace.

For My people have committed two evils:
They have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters,
And hewn themselves cisterns—broken cisterns that can hold no water.
— Jeremiah 2:13 | The Bible

Credits: Video footage by Seoul Walker