Your constant, always forever

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You keep telling yourself
Hope is just down the road
Life is drifting away
You don’t know where you’re going

Wandering alone
on this long winding highway
Looking for something more
Chasing mirages as before

You go about life
pretending all is normal
This loneliness and fear
You wish would disappear

You don’t know what you long for
But deep inside, you feel it

When you feel lonely
And your heart aches
for extraordinary love
When you’re afraid
of the storm
Count on me
I will be by your side
I will be your constant
always forever

You’re not a random
in some garden
I loved you first
before anyone ever could

When the oceans rage
When all seems lost
And you feel like giving up
I will teach you to fly

When all other lights fade away
And you can’t see the way
When you feel abandoned
Count on me
I will never let you go
I will light up your world

The journey is long
and often hard
But I will be the joy
refreshing your soul
Count on me
I will be your constant
always forever